Entering a Cook off

I’ve never entered a Cook off before, but I think I could hold my own. I like to prepare simple yet tasty (and healthy) foods for my family and I suspect that some of my recipes might be contenders.
We love to grill during the summer months. In fact, my grill is going several […]

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I Am In Love With My Smartphone!

I know I already mentioned my new toy…but it’s been a few more days of playing with it now and I just have to tell you how much I love this phone!
The phone I have is the Moto Q 9c Bluetooth Smartphone.
So far with it, I have surfed the web, dropped entrecards, received and answered […]

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Tees With a Twist for My Teens

With two teen boys in the house, t-shirts of all kinds is something I feel I can speak on with a bit of authority. Both of my boys have quite an extensive t-shirt collection with a huge variety of funny sayings and designs.
I’m always looking for new and different ones for them that they […]

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Swim Lessons For The Little People

We just got home from swim lessons.  Daniel is guarding and teaching lessons at our pool this summer, so I decided to go ahead and ask him to give Abby and Isaiah private lessons.  Today was Isaiah’s first lesson.  He was so excited and did really well.  He kicked, blew bubbles, jumped, floated, and played […]

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Planning Your Financial Future

I just took an online test (took about 3 minutes for me to answer about 6 screens of questions) and my Financial IQ is 93%, which is an A! I love getting A’s! Why would I want to take a Financial IQ test you may be wondering?
Well, I learned a lot about subjects that […]

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Six Flags Homeschool Day Is Coming!

My kids are ratcheting up the anticipation and excitement because Six Flags annual Homeschool Day is fast approaching. In fact, it is about a month away. In case you havent heard, the Six Flags amusement parks close down their parks to the general public on this special day and host a private event […]

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Will Resveratrol Make the Difference for This Terminally Ill Man?

A few months ago I made a post about Resveratrol and the amazing discoveries that are being made about this product.
Resveratrol has been speculated to cure cancer, but now it is finally going to be tested publicly. Some forum members of imminst.com are going to participate in a study by providing one of their own […]

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Thought For Today

Peace consists of pure thoughts, pure feelings and pure wishes. When you balance the energy of thought, word and action you can be at peace with yourself, in your relationships and with the world.
To exercise the power of peace look inward to look outward with courage, purpose and meaning.

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Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk

If you (and your family) are looking for a great family activity that will bring you closer together and at the same time serve a bigger purpose, I think I may have found the perfect thing!
Alzheimer’s has stolen 5.2 million loved ones away from their friends and family in the United States alone. Every […]

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Anyone Interested in a Link Trade?

I’d love to trade links with anyone who is interested. Old fashioned link trades only, please (no java or software scripts…just HTML – we want to make sure the bots crawl it…right?)
Please comment here and add me to your blogroll and I’ll add you to mine and we’ll all do our best to climb […]

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