Poor David

UGH – David got a call from his former middle school band teacher this evening. If you don’t remember, David has just moved on up to the high school band as he will be a freshman this fall. He has been so excited about playing the quad snares for the Fourth of July Parade this Friday. In order to play, he’s had to work really hard to memorize 5 pages of music and he’s been working on this for weeks.

Anyway, it seems that the middle school band only has two entry-level sixth graders who will be marching in the percussion section. Definitely not enough! So, his teacher called to ask David if he would march with the middle schoolers instead.

Normally, David would walk through fire for this teacher – they really got along great and he likes her a lot. It took a lot for him to not just tell her an automatic YES…but this really hurts. He told her he’d think about it.

I took it upon myself to email her later and explain exactly how much she was asking of him – sort of explaining why he didn’t just automatically agree as I think she expected him to.

We’re leaving this up to him – will be interesting to see what happens.

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