Patriotic From My Head to my Toes

Whaddya think? I was looking for something a little different to show my patriotic spirit this past weekend and this is what I came up with. The jury is still out as far as hubby is concerned…LOL

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Jazz and Java's Cat Tree

My mom has the neatest cat tree for her cats. It’s quite a jungle gym that they really like to hang out on and nap on. If we had cats, they would definitely need something like this too. The cool thing about my mom’s cat tree is that her “boys” have an […]

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Poor David

UGH – David got a call from his former middle school band teacher this evening. If you don’t remember, David has just moved on up to the high school band as he will be a freshman this fall. He has been so excited about playing the quad snares for the Fourth of July […]

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