The Search for Life Insurance

My husband and I went through an exhaustive search for term life insurance several years ago. It took a long time to wade through all of the choices to be sure that we purchased the coverage that was right for our eeds. It can be a hassle. There’s a lot to consider […]

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Please Help Serena

Serena is a precious little girl who is running out of time…

Read her story here. Her family is desperate for help as anyone would be.
Serena has been suffering from neuroblastoma – a tumour in the adrenal glands – for the past 18 months. She was in remission, but a few weeks ago her […]

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Searching for Mortgage Rates

We went through several refinances a few years ago when the mortgage rates were changing rapidly and we wanted to make sure that we continued to have the most advantageous rates for our home loan.
Now our balloon is going to be coming up within the next few years and we will again be searching for […]

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Happy Birthday Isaiah!

My littlest guy is a whopping

years old today! Hard to believe these first two years have sped past already. Isaiah was born 5 weeks early back in June of 2006. As I tend to go overdue, we were extremely surprised when he decided to come early.

And now…

Happy Birthday Isaiah!!!

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