Maintain the Power Steering in Your Vehicle

It’s been a good many years since I drove a car without power steering. I sure wouldn’t want to drive a car that hasn’t had the steering rack properly maintained. is a great site to provide all of the power steering rack parts for your vehicles.
Free shipping for every item and warranties […]

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Thought For The Day

Thoughts are like seeds
Sowing a thought reaps an action. Sowing an action reaps a habit. Sowing a habit reaps a character. Sowing a character reaps a destiny.
Thoughts are like seeds. You can’t sow the seed of one plant and grow another.
Dandelions will never produce sunflowers!
When your thoughts are positive, powerful and constructive, your […]

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Surviving a Downturn With a Good Budget

Are things tightening up for you yet? They are in our house as basic living expenses like food and gas creep up ever higher. One key to managing situations like this is to make sure that your budgeting and planning strategies are well thought out. Check out this site for some pointers.

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Free True Type Fonts

There are many reasons people can develop a “thing” for fonts. Some people like graphics and enjoy creating in Photoshop or PaintShopPro. I spent about a year learning a lot about graphics and so bega my love affair with fonts. I literally have thousands of fonts stored in various folders and on […]

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How is YOUR summer going so far?

Mine is…NUTS!
My teenagers are busy (Daniel is working all.the.time, David is playing all.the.time), and it seems like the youngers aren’t quite busy enough during parts of the day and too busy during other parts.  Ya know how this is?
Swim team has started every morning and then we have some downtime in the afternoon and then […]

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