Vehicle AC is Not a Luxury

I remember several summers ago, the AC compressor went out in our main minivan. I was in really good physical condition and I was sure that I would be able to handle the heat because I was so lean. Well…I am here to tell you that I don’t know what we did before […]

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Wordless Wednesday

Sharing one of many pictures Michael has taken since receiving a digital camera for his birthday. This was one of his early attempts. He has since improved a lot!

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Protect Yourself When You Shop Online

Does shopping online make you nervous these days? I have been doing more and more shopping online over the last year and I admit that identity theft and fraud crosses my mind every time I complete a transaction these days. There are inherent risks about shopping over the internet.
Shop Shield is a new […]

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Thought of the Day

Be Creative
Every day can be a new opportunity to be creative. Let your canvas be your mind…your brushes and colors may be your thoughts and feelings…the landscape of your art is YOU!
The finished masterpiece is a work of art called…LIFE. Watch what is placed on the canvas of your mind today – it […]

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