Thinking about an RV?

My parents are now semi-retired (someone has to teach my Dad how to retire – he’s having serious issues slowing down) and they have been kicking around the idea of finding an RV and doing some travelling.
They went to an RV show several months ago and saw some lovely things – they also saw some […]

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Summer has begun…

We are shifting into full swing for summer activities here in our household.
Daniel started his first day at the pool today, Sarah has her first ballgame tonight, David has a ball practice tonight, and then we have Michael’s first game Thursday evening.
We are also getting ready to have MIL and her husband here at the […]

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Shopping for Patio Furniture

We just got new patio furniture last year and is it ever a treat. The only piece I would still like to get is an umbrella. Moving outside onto the deck or patio during the summer is a really nice thing to do. It’s like adding another room onto the house. […]

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Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner

I have found an awesome product that has transformed my glass stove top from grungy to sparkling. I’m telling you, this is stuff is great!
CeramaBryte products are uniquely developed to remove even the toughest cooked-on stains and never leave a scratch.
I splurged and bought a 26 piece kit that contains:
* 2 Bottles of Cooktop […]

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Denim Blow Out Sale

Feel like finding some awesome deals on women’s clothing? Heavenly Couture is the place to look for great prices and premium denim. For a limited time their premium denim items are all on sale for $15! What’s more, there is absolutely nothing on their site that is over $17.95! Great prices! […]

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Thought for the Day

Create Silence
Learn to create silence in your mind and you will find that peace will flourish in your soul. You will be able to see life with new eyes. To be internally silent learn not to think too much. Trust yourself. Trust others. Trust life.

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US Credit Cards and Balance Transfers

Balance transfers can be a very useful way to manage your credit cards.
All about my money and this this wikipedia article have some great information to help understand balance transfers.
Sorting your credit cards can help you find the best offer.

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I Am Back From a Blogger's Hell…

I can hardly believe I’m sitting here typing this post. Last night when I finally went to bed at about 3 am, I was convinced that my blogs were all dead. I inadvertently deleted files and all seemed lost. I contacted my host and they told me there was nothing that could […]

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Finding an Unusual Grandfather Clock

I love Grandfather Clocks. There is just something so elegant and timeless about a unique clock. I actually have the perfect spot for a great clock and I am saving to purchase one.
Shopping around for different clocks is part of the fun! I found some unusual and beautiful clocks at this site. […]

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