Patriotic From My Head to my Toes

Whaddya think? I was looking for something a little different to show my patriotic spirit this past weekend and this is what I came up with. The jury is still out as far as hubby is concerned…LOL

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Jazz and Java's Cat Tree

My mom has the neatest cat tree for her cats. It’s quite a jungle gym that they really like to hang out on and nap on. If we had cats, they would definitely need something like this too. The cool thing about my mom’s cat tree is that her “boys” have an […]

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Poor David

UGH – David got a call from his former middle school band teacher this evening. If you don’t remember, David has just moved on up to the high school band as he will be a freshman this fall. He has been so excited about playing the quad snares for the Fourth of July […]

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I Want To Learn to Cook Like Hector Kabande

Who is Hector Kabande, you may ask?
Hector Kabande is a renowned cook well known for his spicy Mexican dishes. In the past, he owned and operated popular restaurants. His spicy signature dishes are well known and it is common for people to even bring him hot peppers from their gardens to add to his […]

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Hey Thanks!

Look what was sitting in my mailbox today! It’s a 4th of July package! Contains a bottle of BBQ sauce, a drink cooler, a fan, a flag toy, a little Uncle Sam guy, and a frisbee that folds up into a carrying pouch!
Cool eh? Just one of many reasons why blogging rocks!
Thanks […]

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Auto Body Work

I remember several years ago, my hubby decided he was going to try to learn auto body work so that he could work on our cars himself. BIG MISTAKE!
It is messy and difficult work. I would much rather hire an expert like auto body mesa to take care of any auto body work […]

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Thought For The Day

Heart Song
Everyone has a song in their heart. Everyone has a reason for being here and a season for making their highest and greatest contribution.
No one knows what that is or when that is for anyone else. Your heart wants to sing. Don’t die with your music still within you.

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An Automotive Blog for Great Information

I found a new blog tonight. It’s actually a Car Blog that is full of really interesting information all about automotive-related issues and topics.
It is very easy to navigate and I saw separate categories for just about every make and model car that I could think of off the top of my head.
It also […]

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I Hate Mosquitoes!

UGH!  The mosquitoes are so bad where we live!
Both yesterday and today I had Isaiah and Abby out for walks in the double jogger with the mosquito netting over them to protect them.
When I checked on them as they sat there I could hardly believe my eyes.  The netting was absolutely COVERED with mosquitoes on […]

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How About a Guided Motorcycle Tour?

Doesn’t a guided motorcycle tour sound like a different sort of vacation. A huge benefit of
motorcycle adventures that I can see of the top of my head is gas prices! Motorcycles get great gas mileage!
EagleRider is the world’s largest motorcycle tourism company. They specialize in rentals of Motorcycles, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Scooters, […]

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