Works For Me Wednesday

Are the bugs bad where you live yet? I’m dismayed to report that the mosquitoes are already HORRIBLE where we live. Even in the sun if there isn’t enough breeze, we are swatting. It’s gonna be a long summer…*sigh*.
For those inevitable bites, I have something that works great. If you haven’t heard […]

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ENGOBI's Guitar Hero Contest

ENGOBI has just begun an exciting new contest that is sure to appeal to Guitar Hero lovers. Create and upload a video of you and your friends rocking out to Guitar Hero and submit it to the ENGOBI site for a chance to win some awesome prizes.
If you haven’t yet heard of ENGOBI…where have […]

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Thought For the Day

In the face of change, it is smarter to bend rather than break. Those who change will grow and become more wise as the years pass. Interestingly, those who are wise will opt to change.
Change is the first law of Nature.

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Great Source for Custom Furniture

If you are looking for custom technical furniture then you should take a look at Formaspace. This company manufactures custom technical furniture, accessories, and services. They even have great workbenches!
They have developed elegant, practical, flexible solutions for their customers. Whether you need laboratory, technical, drafting, or perhaps even have an industrial environment […]

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Teaching My Children to Celebrate Memorial Day

“Any nation that does not honor its heros will not long endure.” – Abraham Lincoln

I feel very strongly about this. My children are being raised to honor and appreciate the sacrifices that servicemen and servicewomen throughout history have paid for our freedom and liberty.
Memorial Day is a day to remember, honor, appreciate, and […]

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Police Gear Source

Here is a great source for tactical gear if you are in the law enforcement line of work.
Granted, I am not an expert…but I went to the site and looked and I easily found just about any kind of equipment or item of clothing (including footwear and boots) that anyone could need or want. […]

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RSS Hugger

Trying something new with this blog. I just submitted Is 8 Enough to RSS Hugger and we are going to see what kind of traffic we can get out of this site.
RSS Hugger is a relatively new site that is for promoting your blog(s). This is the first-ever quality, spam free, and viral […]

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An Idea for Bridal Showers

Every bride needs special and beautiful bridal lingerie. This makes a beautiful shower gift and I remember Lora receiving some beautiful things at her shower. Having special lingerie under your other finery just completes the entire ensemble and this is something that should really not be overlooked. It’s fun to shop for […]

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Exercising At Home

I exercise every day – but I don’t belong to a gym or even get out by myself for walks or runs. How do I do it? Simple, I decided many years ago that if I was going to make exercising a part of my daily routine, I was going to have to […]

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Lose Weight and Beautify Your Skin

Doesn’t that sound great? How about a supplement that does both?
The ingredients in Leptovox have been clinically proven to provide multiple benefits to the human body. This includes weight management, weight loss, skin care, anti-aging and many other benefits. Leptovox provides nutritional benefits that all quality diet pills and multivitamins should provide.
Check out Leptovox […]

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