Useful Resources for Debt Management

Today’s economy and the impending recession makes consumer debt a very hot topic. I think it’s on everybody’s mind at least to some degree.
If you find yourself overwhelmed with debt and you don’t know where to turn, perhaps a free consultation would be a step in the right direction.
Advocate Credit Assistance has a simple […]

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Wordless Wednesday

So…what on earth is my rhubarb plant doing? I’ve never seen anything like this. Anyone know?

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Enter Your Dad to Win!

Are you thinking ahead to Father’s Day yet? I have begun tossing around various ideas. For some reason, dads are a little more difficult to shop and buy for than moms. Not sure why – maybe because I’m a mom and I know what they (I) like to receive for gifts. […]

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Entrecard Continues to Improve

Entrecard has been listening to their members and this week unveiled some pretty major upgrades and changes.
1. The long-awaited Official Ebook has been released. This is a good read for anyone using Entrecard, whether you are a veteran or just starting.
2. New “Add-A-Blog” Feature. You can now link all of your […]

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