Keeping Track of Kids This Summer

Having two teenagers this summer promises to be a challenge for many reasons. They are both going to be very busy and mostly moving in opposite directions. Cell phones are all well and good, but somehow I feel like I want more.
I have started to research GPS units to keep track of my […]

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Look What I Made!

I took a break from blogging today and decided to try my hand at this tote bag. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I want to make another, but I think I will make the next one larger. More of a tote size instead of purse size. This was […]

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Visiting the Isle of Wight

Let’s talk about dream vacations for a moment. How about a holiday on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom? Even the name sounds beautiful.
The Isle of Wight is on the south coast of England and it boasts spectacular beauty. With record sunshine levels, sandy beaches, traditional English landscapes, and quaint villages it […]

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Training Sarah…

Eleven year old Sarah is really chomping at the bit to begin to take over many of my chores here around our home. She is now very capable of cleaning the kitchen, straightening any room, doing a load of laundry, preparing a simple meal, simple sewing projects, and overseeing little ones for short times. […]

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