Making Some Fun Kitchen Changes

I would love to update a few things in my kitchen. Namely, I’d really love new countertops, sink, kitchen faucets, and while we’re at it how about some new flooring? The money isn’t there, but I can dream, right? Maybe in the interim we could just do something less involved and update […]

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Updating the Bathroom

Sometimes you just need a change. Rather than spending huge amounts of time, effort, and money updating your bathroom, choosing new bathroom faucets can do wonders to refresh and update your vanity and sink area. It’s fun to look around the internet and see the different styles and shapes that are available now. […]

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Thought for The Day

Here’s a secret for you.
Two words…the secret to contentedness:
Want nothing
That’s it – there’s nothing more to it. Be happy with what you have here and now.

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Specialized Construction Equipment

As a mother of four sons I have a certain affinity and awareness of construction equipment and machinery. I would guess that other mothers of boys will attest to the knowledge you gain when you have little guys who love diggers.
We have spent many-a-happy hour watching construction zones and projects in our city. […]

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