Deposit Your Checks Electronically

I just heard about a brand new technology that anyone who deposits checks into bank accounts in the US would be interested in. It’s really quite neat. It’s called DepositNow and here’s how it works.
All you need is a check to deposit, a PC, and a scanner. From there, you pass your […]

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I Took the Plunge (2.5.1)

I know…I’m such a chicken. It literally took me weeks to work up the courage to upgrade my WordPress. I waited initially because I was pretty sure there would be a bug fix coming shortly on the heels of 2.5 (and I was right!) but then when 2.5.1 went live I still couldn’t […]

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Great All-Purpose Printer

It’s graduation season and the graduation invitations have started to trickle in. I have to say, I have seen some lovely ones this year. Graduation invitations have come a long way over the years.
It’s hard to imagine that a year from now it will be us shopping for invitations to Daniel’s graduation! […]

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Busy, Busy…

We’ve been busy around our house today. The kids cleaned out the sandbox and the boys and I drove to the local ready-mix and got barrels and barrels of free sand. Now Isaiah is in little boy heaven out in the backyard with his very own sandbox.
Now hubby is busy clearing out some […]

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Finding the Perfect Use for a Perfect Picture

Now that I have my new camera, items like photo cards have a new appeal to me. There are so many options for creating really cool and special cards, stationary, and even calendars!
I shared with you my favorite picture that I’ve taken so far. It was a week ago that I captured the […]

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A Puzzle For You…

Which way is the bus facing? Tough one, eh?
I’m guessing it wouldn’t surprise you to learn that most kids knew exactly which end was the front and which end was the back almost immediately.
Need help? I admit – I didn’t get this one.
The bus is facing to the left (front of bus on […]

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Customized Number Plates for Cars

I found a site this morning that sells number plates online for cars.
This site has an online platebuilder that you can use to customize a plate with lots of different badges, slogans, backgrounds, fonts, and borders. Of note: these are for ‘show’ purposes only. You can make them very fancy, but they aren’t […]

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Multi-Tasking Can Be a Double Edged Sword

I had Abby and Isaiah in the tub last night and I was letting them play a bit because everyone else was away at a ball practice. Earlier in the day I had attempted to quell the ever-growing “orphan sock” population in my laundryroom and I had an entire basket of newly paired socks […]

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