Tackle it Tuesday

Today because we were looking for a missing library DVD that was DUE yesterday (grrrrrrrrrr) we were doing some poking around is some places sorely in need of attention. Namely – the toy closet! I tell you…if I don’t spend a little time in there daily it gets away from me and […]

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Making Selling on Ebay Easier

I love browsing Ebay. I actually do quite a bit of bargain hunting there – I always find something interesting, that is for sure. Today I was there buying some BPA-free plastic cups for my kids. Have you heard about how scary BPA is now? It’s terrible what research has uncovered […]

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Thought for the Day


Light and Easy
We should make a goal to give up the habit of worrying. It serves no purpose other than making one feel tense, irritable, and miserable. When I can stop fretting about things that are not in my control and instead focus on generating optimistic thoughts, my life can begin to take more positive […]

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How is Your Prayer Life?

I know…personal question! Sorry…you don’t have to answer. BUT…if I’ve made you think about it, then here is something you might find interesting.
The emWave (r) Meditation, Prayer and Self-Help Assistant can help improve any system of meditation, prayer or self-help techniques. However you incorporate prayer and/or meditation in your daily life, using […]

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Parenting Teens


Anyone dealing with the day to day trials of parenting teens? We’ve been parenting at least one teen for over seven years now. Having done both boys and girls I am here to say that both have their set of challenges and rewards. Girls are very emotional and dealing with their ups and downs […]

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