Wiki Blog Directory

On my travels around the net I found a new blog directory that I just entered Is8enough in. It’s called the Wiki Blog Directory and is a wiki based blog directory. You a link to your blog on the site by placing your link underneath those already listed.
If you post about […]

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My First Pic That I'm In Love With

I love this picture. Obviously, I Photoshopped it to death, but I had to take out the background and in the process ended up making is Sepia and adding a little color.
This is Abby concentrating mightily on something in her lap Friday night.

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Grow Taller!

I came upon this information today and wanted to share it with you:
Press Release:
David Anderson
New Height Increasement Supplement May Help You Grow Taller
Los Angeles, CA — May 10, 2008 — A new product claims that it is the first supplement that has developed specifically for the purpose of height increasement. That’s right, it’s a product […]

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The Dance Recital

The Recital went great on Friday night. I was a little bummed that I wasn’t as proficient with my camera as I had hoped to be. It’s one thing to be sitting at home playing around with it trying this and that and it was very different to be trying to take pictures […]

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Shopping for Luggage

Luggage is one of those things that you need but buying usually isn’t that exciting. I found a neat site with luggage that is nice enough to make it fun to buy luggage, though. Check out the Rimowa luggage here. Isn’t it nice? They have a great selection, reasonable prices, and […]

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Happy Mother's Day!


I wanted to wish a special Mother’s Day to every mother out there who may be reading this — those special ladies who may be *like a mother* as well!
Motherhood is not for wimps! May you all have a day as special as you are!

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GPS Tracking

I found a neat site today. I’ve been joking here and there about getting some kind of gps tracking device so that I can keep track of Daniel this summer. This kid is going to be BUSY and keeping track of him and his schedule is going to be a pain! So, […]

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