Renuzit "Transform Your Home" Semi-Finalists

Hey All! Head on over to Renuzit’s semi-finalist gallery. In case you didn’t know, they have been having an exciting contest that is just about over. All of the entries have been received, tabulated, and the preliminary judging is done. Now it’s down to the Semi-Finalists. One of these ten […]

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A Few Pictures

Wanted to share a few pics as I am slowly learning my new camera. I really like the exposure in these, although I have no idea, now, what I did.
This is Sarah and Isaiah.

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More Memory for Your Laptop

Do you have enough memory for your laptop? When I am working with large graphics files, my laptop tends to bog down on me. This is so aggravating! As I recall, the thing that originally got me started monetizing my blog was so that I could upgrade my laptop memory. Now […]

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Today's Lunch

We had Strata today for lunch. I love strata, but it seems to be an easy lunch that I overlook when I am trying to come up with something yummy and imaginative.

So easy to make. Just place sliced bread in a pan. I then mixed 4 eggs, salt, a little onion powder, […]

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Upside Living for Home Decor

Online browsing is one of my favorite things to do. So much to see and I don’t spend a penny on gas!
I found a site this morning that is really a treat for anyone who enjoys unique or specialty items. This would be a great place to find Mother’s Day gifts if you […]

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Things You Probably Don't Know About Me…

Five Things Six Things you probably don’t know about me…

I am shy
I am deathly afraid of heights. I didn’t realize I had this fear until I had kids for some reason.
I HATE moths. You know with some people it’s spiders or bees? Well, moths send me screaming.
I rarely watch TV. No […]

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Help for Light Sleepers

We have used a white noise generator for quite a few years and it has served us well for several reasons.
I first bought one when Ruthie was a baby. She was not a good sleeper and I had read that white noise was a way to help restless babies sleep better. Guess what? […]

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