Find Great Recipes and More at The Wooden Spoon

I have heard a bit of buzz around the blogosphere over the last few days about the Wooden Spoon and the amazing contests this blog owner holds. So, after my curiosity was sufficiently peaked, I headed over to Lori’s recipe blog and boy am I ever glad I did! The only down side […]

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So….What's One of the Cutest Things…

…your kids have said?
If I’m feeling on top of my game, I try to jot these things down as I hear them. Here’s one that I can think of off the top of my head.
Abby seems to have a thing about her eyebrows for some reason. Several months ago when Ruthie and Abby were […]

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SocialSpark Goes Live

OK Ladies and Gents…if you haven’t heard of SocialSpark and you spend any time in the blogging community, you must not be paying attention. Well…I suppose it’s possible to happily go about your blogging life without hearing about it, but if you do any sponsored blogging, then I’m sure you’ve heard rumblings about it. […]

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How Television Affects Children

The evidence is beginning to mount.
One of Britain?s leading authorities on children?s speech development completed a ten year study that showed that the background noise in the average two year old’s day can delay his or her acquisition of a language by up to a year. Almost invariably this background noise came from television.
Other findings:

Children […]

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