Infinity Shoes

I love shoes. Shopping for shoes is a close second. Nothing makes my day better than a new pair of shoes. Right now I’ve got sandals on my mind as I’ve been figuring out what sandals my kids need for their summer activities.
As I was looking around I found this cool shoe […]

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Chronic Cough? Try Iron Supplements!

Simple iron supplementation eliminated chronic cough in 16 women participating in a recent study.
The researchers studied 16 women with chronic cough and who had no sign of asthma, other respiratory disease, or acid stomach reflux. All 16 women had red, inflamed mucous membranes, swelling the back of the mouth and sensitive vocal chords. In the […]

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Natural Make-Up

What kind of make up do you use? I admit to being somewhat of a minimalist where make up is concerned. I don’t usually wear more than a little neutral eyeshadow and eyeliner. I would really like to invest (splurge!) on some good natural makeup. I’m thinking some mineral makeup perhaps. […]

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UGH – Learning an SLR Camera


I am so overwhelmed! My new camera is very confusing to me, unfortunately. I have always wanted to learn how to take really cool pictures. The bad thing is I have absolutely NO understanding or knowledge about just about everything connected to photography. I’m up to my eyeballs in “aperture” “shutter […]

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Pearls for Mother's Day

Well…now that my birthday has come and gone it is time turn the focus toward Mother’s Day. It will be here before we know it. I know what I am ordering for the two Grandmas…just have to get a little closer and then place that order. So I don’t have to worry […]

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Thought for the Day


My hectic, noisy life is not nearly quiet enough most days. I strive for silence, however…and savor my quiet mornings when I am alone before the rest of the house gets going.
In silence try to discover the treasures of peace, love and happiness. In silence strive to let bad feelings and past sorrows melt […]

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Free Business Cards

Interested in free business cards? Upon first glance, I was skeptical of this offer, but once I did a little reading it became more interesting. What you do is register for an account, enter in your business information (name, geographic location, type of business, etc.) and this site submits your business card to […]

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I'm pretty excited!

Would you like to see what I got for my birthday?

It’s an Olympus E-510 SLR Digital Camera with 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses. I have so much to learn! Right now the battery is charging so I can’t do anything but sit and stare at it…stay tuned though! Lots of cool pics to […]

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Computer Memory

One thing I have found with having a hobby of graphics, is there is you can never have enough computer memory. I have a 500 gig external hard drive that I am slowly but surely filling up with all of my precious graphics that I collect from various places on the ‘net. If […]

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Thought for the Day


Everyone knows a “smiley” person…someone whose heart seems to radiate right through their mouth. When this kind of person smiles at you, have you every noticed how it’s almost impossible not to smile back? The only way you can avoid it is if you are feeling really grumpy!
So even if you don’t feel like […]

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