Use Lifelock to Protect your Good Name

Today’s technology makes it a mandatory thing to protect your identity. There are so many ways that your identity can be compromised today.

The folks at Lifelock have put together a very comprehensive plan to protect you and your identity. Just listen to how they will ensure your safety. In fact, they will not only secure your identity and guarantee your good name, they will go so far as to ensure it with their $1 Million Service Guarantee.

Here’s some of what they will do for you:

1. They will request fraud alerts and credit reports on your behalf from the major credit bureaus. 2. They will set locks on your credit so that if anyone requesting credit in your name the creditor will call you prior to any action. 3. They will move to have your name removed from junk mail lists. 4. They will move to have your name removed from pre-approved credit lists. 5. You will receive reports about the progress of all of these actions. 6. They will repeat all of these actions every 90 days.

Sound interesting? I think so! Go take a look at Lifelock.

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