Thought for the Day

Are you Happy?

Existing sadness should be worked through as quickly as possible. It tends to grow like a vine. By midday you may feel confused; by evening a whole slew of weak, wasteful and negative thoughts will have taken deep roots in the mind. The result is chaos.

It can be hard to resist sometimes. The attitude of: “So what if I feel the blues today? It’s my life; no one else will be affected”.

The more you allow yourself to experience sorrow, the less time will be available to be happy and content. I know it sounds ridiculously obvious! Are you aware of the value of happiness, though? It is an extremely rare commodity, and the cost is premium. Also, is it your life? Yes, you are the one living it…but you are a member of a family or a co-worker with others, and also a part of society…right? If so, then every action affects and is affected by those around you.

Strive to be happy!

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