Interesting Progression of Newspaper


I thought this was interesting. The “sister” newspaper to the newspaper we subscribe to has just suspended their hard copy circulation and has turned to completely publishing online.


Citing dwindling circulation The Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin has closed down its print operation and will now focus its efforts online.

The 90-year-old daily newspaper saw its circulation drop to around 18,000 down from a high of 40,000 in the 1960’s. Along with it’s ending its print operations; The Capital Times also cut its staff by more than 20, through buyouts or layoffs.

“We felt our audience was shrinking so that we were not relevant,” said Clayton Frink, publisher of The Capitol Times. “We are going a little farther, a little faster, but the general trend is happening everywhere.”

An editorial on the newspapers Web site reads,” Instead of printing on paper for distribution each afternoon, we will produce a Web-based daily newspaper that will be accessed for free on the Internet at”

“Additionally, we will produce a weekly journal of news and opinion that will be available free of charge and more broadly than the current paper.”

Kind of a trend, I imagine. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes more and more common.

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