What is glass cullet?

Great question, eh?
Glass Cullet is recycled glass that is gathered from glass containers as well as from breakages occurring during the glass manufacturing process. Glass cullet comes in a wide range of colors – clear, green, and amber are the most common. Glass cullet is usually obtained from bottles and jars (occasionally from […]

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Happy Birthday Abigail!

Four years ago last night our beautiful Abigail Kaylen was born. She had to be encouraged into this world as she was quite happy right where she was…LOL. In the end we were so blessed and fortunate to have acted when we did to induce her arrival because of end-of-pregnancy complications. It […]

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Make moving as easy as possible

There’s no getting around it. Moving is hard on everyone involved. It’s a lot of work and upheaval and the details can seem endless. We haven’t moved for almost 12 years. Before that, though we moved twice in a couple of years and I didn’t enjoy either move at all. […]

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