Getting ready for the pool

Warm weather is well on its way. My kids are already gearing up for the pool opening in just over a month. I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet! We’ve got a few birthdays between now and then and I typically give the boys with May birthdays a few new pool […]

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Diet Help

There’s really no getting around it. Diets can be unpleasant. Most people want to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Perhaps diet pills may be something to consider to make the process a little easier. I know I’d take as much help as I can get when I’m dieting.
There are many recommendations […]

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Thought for the Day

Determination gives you the strength to persevere, the steadfastness to succeed, and the wisdom to overcome difficulties.
At least part of my determination comes from being unbelievably stubborn. I hate giving up and therefore avoid it if at all possible.

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Journyx Timesheet – free software

If you own your own business no doubt you know how complicated it can be to juggle all of the details involved. Any business would benefit from Timesheet. With Timesheet you can easily manage your employees’ timesheets as well as your expenses. All of this and the software is free! Run, […]

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