Acknowledge Your Entrecard Droppers

If you are a member of Entrecard, here is a great way to acknowledge your most recent droppers.
A really cool guy I feel lucky to know has been kind enough to post some really easy-to-follow instructions for setting up a widget to acknowledge your most recent EC droppers.
These great instructions can be found at askowen. […]

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What's your parenting style?

There is a trend among today’s parents to “over parent” their children. What’s your parenting style?
Over-parenting is not only a parenting style, but also a mind-set. It came into style when the mainstream media began to tell us all about the occasional child abducted or baby stolen from its parents. As parents we were […]

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WikiTalk Goes Live!

Hey Bloggers! Are you ready for a site that promises a major step forward in social networking and content aggregation?
Check out the Public Launch! This is a very cool and all new site that places YOU, the user above the content.
I think you really should check it out! Be sure to […]

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This is funny…

I’m awful at remembering jokes…but with the help of C&P and notepad, I can do much better here! I found this a day or two ago and thought it was really funny:
One day, a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, chemical engineer, and computer engineer were driving down the street in the same car when it […]

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What is your Rank?

If you have a blog and have spent much time learning the tools of the trade and what is involved in blogging and promoting your blog, you have likely learned (or at least heard) of Google’s Page Rank system. Unfortunately, bloggers who have decided to monetize their blogs are now being penalized by Google […]

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The story of how Ruthie lost her 2nd tooth…

…or how NOT to play pirates!
It seems that while Abby and Ruthie were waiting for their turn to brush their teeth the other night, they busied themselves playing Pirates. I don’t know all the particulars, but it involved a pair of Michael’s underwear (clean, I pray) in Ruthie’s mouth. In the course of […]

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Here you go Mommy Bloggers!

I have the most awesome tip for any and all “mommy bloggers” who are at home with precious children but would love to find a way to make a little extra money on the side for whatever comes up – be it necessities or extras.
Start using your blog! Yup…can be done and it is […]

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Thought for the Day

Have you ever noticed that resistance leads to persistence?
Behind all resistance is a self-created fear. The only way to get past this fear is to accept whatever you are resisting.
You don’t have to agree, or follow, or condone…but accepting means you that you can begin to peacefully move past. The next step is the […]

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