Wedding Favors

Not long ago we were immersed in wedding plans. Time goes so fast it’s hard to believe that was over two years ago already. While weddings are special, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the small details.
One detail that can sort of sneak up o you is wedding favors. When we were […]

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What do you believe?

What you believe affects your choices and actions.
You are walking down a dark path at night and see a figure of a large animal on the path before you. Your brain tells you it is a bear. It doesn’t matter that it’s really a dog…the fact that your brain says its a bear means […]

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Great Information in this Article Directory

This morning I found a website full of Linux related articles that is a great resource for information.
The site has tons of tutorials that are searchable by keywords. You can also bring up a specific tutorial by directly clicking. Newest articles are on the top of the list, there are older ones at […]

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Ewwww – your purse!

Your purse…
Have you ever noticed women who sit their purse on public bathroom floors? These same purses often go to their dining tables or kitchen counters. Happens a lot!
Sometimes you just don’t know what made you sick…but if you really thought about it…
It’s something just about every woman carries. While we […]

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