What to do when "there's nothing to do…"

Don’t you cringe when they come to you and say that? I know I definitely have my moments when my mind goes blank and I can’t for the life of me think of anything exciting to suggest.
Here are a few that I found today that I like:

Count by twos, threes, fives, tens
Count backward from […]

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George Divel – Financial Planner

George Divel is the financial planner to have. He will take the time to thoroughly review your portfolio and assess your goals. No other broker will give you the same attention to detail. He will put his extensive knowledge to work for you to plan your future. His approach to […]

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Schoolhouse Rock – remember?????

Are you old enough to remember these golden oldies? Boy they sure do take me back. On a whim the other night, I went to YouTube and entered “Schoolhouse Rock” and up came alllllll the old ones that I remembered from Saturday mornings when I was a kid.
My kids have gone nuts over […]

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Electronic Gadgets

Love electronic gadgets? There are several in my household that love them VERY much. LOL
I am passing along the website http://www.thisnthatlane.com to them because it is a really nice one for anyone who likes these sorts of items. This site has really nice cell phones, as well as great advice for purchasing […]

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Health Ranger Show

I love this guy. Thought some of you might be interested in this new radio show that just started a few weeks ago.
The Health Ranger Show is a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) that features exclusive interviews and independent product reviews covering natural health, disease reversal and non-toxic […]

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Personalized Stuffed Husky

Isn’t this little guy just the cutest? I just ordered and received one of Isaiah’s birthday gifts and it came the other day. It is a stuffed husky dog that sings a song to him and his name is actually included in the song! It is a really cute little song that […]

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No April Fools Here…

I was trying to rack my brain to figure out a perfect April Fools post and then I decided just to skip the whole thing. I never really cared for the way you feel when someone yanks your chain, so I have decided not to do any chain yanking on my blog today. […]

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Vacations – need one!

I could use a vacation. It is ugly around where I live right now. The snow is almost gone and what is left is dirty and mushy. Thoughts turn to getting away. Then thoughts turn to get-aways of the past.
I remember back when I was not afraid of heights. My […]

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Thought for the Day

Benefits of a calm mind…
Don’t give in to disturbing thoughts. A disturbed mind can be easily influenced. This will rob you of your peace. Learn to maintain inner peace by freeing yourself from complications. Comparing yourself to others will not allow you to focus inward. And an inner focus allows you to keep your eye […]

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