Vacation Season is Coming

Vacation season is fast approaching. Do you have any special trip planned? If you are needing to rent a car then I have a tip for you. Here’s a great site to check out for all of your car rental needs.
They have some attractive special offers going on right now too that […]

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Interesting Progression of Newspaper


I thought this was interesting. The “sister” newspaper to the newspaper we subscribe to has just suspended their hard copy circulation and has turned to completely publishing online.
Citing dwindling circulation The Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin has closed down its print operation and will now focus its efforts online.
The 90-year-old daily newspaper saw its […]

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Use Lifelock to Protect your Good Name

Today’s technology makes it a mandatory thing to protect your identity. There are so many ways that your identity can be compromised today.
The folks at Lifelock have put together a very comprehensive plan to protect you and your identity. Just listen to how they will ensure your safety. In fact, they will […]

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Recommending a Good Blog

My internet wanderings have brought to me an interesting blog over the last few days. I’ve been dropping my Entrecard and now I’ve also just found the blog: The Fate of Tyrlon and other Dubious Things on SocialSpark.
The blog-writer has an interesting post up that I found today. It’s called Broken Dreams […]

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Sublingual B12 Energy Booster

Vitamin B12 is the hottest new energy booster. It’s very “now” among celebs and other high profile people. In fact, I recently read something about Madonna carrying around hypodermic doses of B12 with her and even administering them to other people if they aren’t feeling well! Yikes! There’s a better way […]

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Charities Starting to Feel a Pinch…


As the economy worsens and folks are buckling down, one result is that charities and community organizations are hit hard.
Two things happen, actually. There are fewer contributions and there are more demands for services. People begin to fall through the cracks and lose their jobs.
Food banks are starting to really see the results of […]

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Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Most people know that in 2003, the Federal Government made it possible for both cell phone and land line users to block unwanted calls from telemarketers. All you had to do was register your telephone number in the National No Call Registry and you are removing your number from any database available to telemarketers.
After […]

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Week Two…

Week two well underway and I am doing well! Hopefully writing about it won’t jinx me but rather will serve to motivate me and keep me on track.
I’ve been eating well, cut out a lot of fat, been drinking tons of water, and have been exercising every day and have managed to lose about […]

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Custom Labels for your Business Needs

There are many uses in business for a good custom label. The Label World website has created a business that can provide quality labels for many different label needs. They make wine labels, safety labels, industrial labels, and medical labels. They also specialize in large quantity orders for different types of industrial […]

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Thought for the Day

Are you Happy?
Existing sadness should be worked through as quickly as possible. It tends to grow like a vine. By midday you may feel confused; by evening a whole slew of weak, wasteful and negative thoughts will have taken deep roots in the mind. The result is chaos.
It can be hard to resist […]

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