Howard Miller Clocks – the unique and beautiful

I have a thing about time pieces – clocks. My home has at least one clock in every room and more likely 2 or 3. They have to be synchronized and keeping perfect time also. I admit it – I am really uptight about this. But the rewards are wonderful. […]

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Barbara Walters Special

I just heard about a special that Barbara Walters has coming up. Apparently she is interviewing Dr. David Sinclair about his resvertrol formulation. Have you heard about U.S. Lab Tested Resveratrol? I had not…so this has been a learning experience for me.
I found this at Wikipedia:
Resveratrol is a phytoalexin produced naturally by […]

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Thought for the Day

Love can never be exclusive. The sun does not choose to shine on only some flowers in the garden and not others. Love is inclusive by nature and has many forms – caring, listening, sharing from the heart, and just accepting someone for what they are right now. These are all acts of love…as […]

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