I’m always looking for amusing and funny anecdotes and the internet is a great source for these. I have found some of the funniest things on the net at This site is so cool. It even has social networking to utilize in your blogging pursuits. Find celebrity items, TV, movies, […]

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Simple steps to improved health

Happiness can lead to good health. You alone can give this medicine to yourself. Some bring illness to themselves by allowing feelings of anger, greed, unfulfilled desires and expectations to fester. There are three ingredients for a long and healthy life:

live with attention but without worry

use time in a worthwhile way

keep your thoughts […]

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American River Capital Investment Company

Who can you trust in the financial sector these days. Wouldn’t you like an invesment company that you can trust? America River Capital, Inc. offers professional investment services for e-gold and e-Bullion account holders to increase their funds through an offshore finance partner. If you have investments, then check this out.

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Earth Hour 2008

We observed Earth Hour last night. It was pretty cool. Actually, we didn’t decide to do it until the very last minute and we were madly digging out candles with minutes to spare. Made the boys turn off their computers and come downstairs…and we all sat around in the dim light and […]

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