~Thought for the day~

She who puts the dishwashing detergent on the top shelf soon finds herself Jumping for JOY.
I thought that was cute…sorry!
Not jumping for joy about the latest weather. We are getting more snow tomorrow. How much depends on who you listen to. I’ve heard 4-8 and 1-3. I’ll take the latter, […]

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Made-from-scratch meals – delivered!

What I wouldn’t give for a meal made from scratch delivered to my door some days.
If prepared meals Greenville sc sounds good to you, then we have something in common! There are days when preparing a good meal for my family just about puts me over the edge. If I had a […]

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Funny Picture of the Day

I saw this last week and it was literally one of those LOL moments for me. I just think this is the cutest, funniest picture. What do you think?

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Exterior House Painting

College Pro Painters, founded in 1971, was founded by a college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It has earned the impressive title of North America’s original and most successful student painting company. Have your home painted during the summer months by a company that creates college student jobs. Even their managers […]

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Breasts – babyfeeders or are they sexual objects

My husband and I have been having a “mostly” good natured debate recently about whether or not breasts were created to be a “multipurpose” body part. He maintains that they were created with a multipurpose design. I, on the other hand, having extended breastfed eight children, feel somewhat different about it.
My opinion is […]

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Furniture Legs Galore!

In my regular web perusals I happened upon an interesting site featuring a wonderful assortment of Table legs. Furniture legs, dining table legs, and even custom furniture legs! The website is organized in a very easy to use format and finding just the right leg for your needs is a pleasurable task.

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