Recycle your plastic

I think most Americans recycle to some extent these days. In our community, we recycle as much as we possibly can because our city has decided to limit garbage collection to one 50 pound bag of trash per week. Years ago when this policy was first instituted, we went through a bit of […]

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Birthday Pics

For baby girl – I love you! Hope you are having a wonderful day, princess! Hugs and kisses always…

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ICE Saves Lives

The ICE campaign is something everyone needs to know about.
The ICE Your Phone campaign is gaining momentum due in large to the efforts of
There are over 215 million cell phone users in the US today. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2006 that 1,600,000 emergency room patients could not […]

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Happy Birthday Princess Ava!

Baby Girl is **1** today! How can that be? One year ago I was on my way down to meet the precious little princess, who was well on her way, but not actually here until sometime after 7 pm tonight. I have a little photo treat for you that I am working […]

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Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

It’s a big decision and there are many factors involved, I’m sure. If you are considering lapband surgery, then be sure to include JourneyLite in your list of possible surgery centers. Journeylite has put a great deal of thought into the design and features of their surgery center. Wider hallways, roomier gowns, […]

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Winter's Last Hurrah!

This had better be it! We are in the middle of a “SPRING” storm that may dump as much as 10 inches of snow on us today. No band runs as it is spring break, so I guess we’ll just hunker down, make some hot cocoa, light some candles, and let it do […]

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