Cisco Cables

My tekkie husband says that Cisco Cables are the best cables to get. He is very particular about computer items such as this and does not like to settle for anything inferior, so I would consider his opinion here valuable.
I notice a really extensive selection on their website. Check it out!

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Keven Henkes – one of our favorite authors!

We went to the library a few days ago and stocked up on one of our favorite authors. Have you heard of Keven Henkes? One reason we especially like him is that he lives very near us! We think that’s cool.
He writes very enjoyable childrens books – many of them about mice.
This […]

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Wedding Season is almost here

Wedding season is sneaking up on us again. Are you in the middle of planning a big event? It was only two years ago that we were in the midst of big wedding plans in our house. So many details to remember. One of the most important details to not skimp […]

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Get a kleenex – quick!

Have your heard this? Seriously – whenever it comes on I need to run for a kleenex. If you have kids this one will hit you right in the heart. I added the lyrics for you, too.
She spins and she sways to whatever song plays,
Without a care in the world.
And I’m sitting […]

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Free Online Contests!

Have you ever happened upon any online contests in your internet wanderings? I just found a cool site that I joined. Members of this site have unlimited chances to solve each game and the first one to solve will win cash or prizes. Sounds like fun, eh?
Break The Vault is a very […]

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I need…

I just found this and thought it was cute…
*********Start Copying*********
Here?s what you do. Go to Google and type in ?[Your Name] needs? (without the brackets) and click search. Grab the first thing that comes up. Then copy this, including all the links from the person whose site you found this on. Add your name and […]

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