California Homeschoolers Under Attack

I just read about a disturbing development in Spktruth2power?s Weblog about the ongoing situation between the California government and homeschoolers. Unbelievably, homeschoolers are being threatened with legal action and even the confiscation of their children by the state if they do not comply with California?s educational policy.
What really is the purpose behind such laws?
In […]

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Do you stargaze?

We are astronomy lovers in our house. It dates back to my Dad’s love of astronomy, I’m sure. I was raised stargazing and my kids now enjoy it, also. One of our favorite things is when Grandpa brings down his telescope and we wait until it’s fully dark and we go outside […]

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What's a "Pop-off" you ask?

My kids are in the middle of a hot competition.
You’ve heard of bake-offs and cook-offs, right? Well we’ve been having “pop-offs”. My kids love popcorn. A few months ago, Isaiah began a big popcorn phase and insisted on eating it every night. Sooo…we began to get really good at making […]

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Claim back your bank charges!

Aren’t bank charges frustrating? What would you think if I asked if you’d like to reclaim six years worth of bank and credit card charges? I don’t know about you, but I would shout a great big YES to this.
There is absolutely nothing to lose with what I am about to show you. […]

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