Menu Management 101

How do you plan your menus? If you’re anything like me, organizing your life includes organizing your menus. A few years ago I instituted a new menu plan in my kitchen and I have been benefiting from this ever since. Here’s what I did:

I divided the calendar year into four parts connected […]

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The Isle of Wight

Doesn’t even the name sound lovely? How about a holiday on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom? The Isle of Wight is on the south coast of England and it boasts spectacular beauty. With record sunshine levels, sandy beaches, traditional English landscapes, and quaint villages it is not surprising […]

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Picture of the Day

Funny Videos
Oh, those precious newborn days. My baby is getting close to 2 years old so I feel somewhat removed from those first days with a new baby. Isn’t this little one beautiful?

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Managing your days

How are your time management skills? This is one area that I have been forced to develop in myself, having such a large family.
I have always been a very goal-oriented person, even going back to my childhood. Goal setting is an integral part of successful time management. I think whatever your life […]

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Catching up…

Big concert last night. Daniel, David, and Sarah all had a combined concert that was really, really good. All three did well. This was Sarah’s first big concert and she was quite nervous. It didn’t help that she had to use a loaner flute from the school because her flute seems […]

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