Move Over Big Boys

There is a new site on the scene of Search Engines and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.
In January, not surprisingly, Google ranked as the number one search engine, Yahoo second, MSN ranked third, AOL fourth, and Ask was number 5. Each of these top 5 core search engines saw at least a 5% growth over the […]

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A Timely Reminder to be Vigilant…

It’s funny, but not really. After one of the posts I wrote last Friday about being a woman and being vigilant when one is out and about…I had a disconcerting and somewhat scary thing happen to me this morning while grocery shopping.
Mid Sunday morning at the grocery store I shop at is always a […]

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Home Mortgage Loan Solutions

It can be so overwhelming to have to make decisions about home loans. Perhaps you are refinancing or are needing a new loan, or maybe you are researching the possibility of a home equity loan. Whatever your situation, it is important to make sound financial decisions by doing your research and taking the […]

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