An unfortunate need

As a woman in today’s society, it is unfortunate that I have had to force myself to become hyper vigilant when I am out and about. Gone are the days when you can be unconscious about your surroundings and the people you come into contact with. There is just so much evil in […]

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Stair lift

Do you know what a stair lift is? A stair lift is a mechanism that you install on your stair case to help you when you can’t climb stairs. If you have something preventing you from navigating stairs but you live in a multi-level house, I would imagine you would need something like […]

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Foam Mattress?

I’ve heard good things about sleeping on a foam mattress. Our mattress is getting old – I think it’s about 10 years old, actually. That’s probably getting up their in the life span of a mattress.
These luxury mattresses look like exactly what I would like to replace our mattress with when the time […]

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Mmmmmmmmmm – doesn't this look good?

I’m so hungry for corned beef and cabbage right now – unfortunately for me, I have NONE. Also unfortunate is the fact that I decided to look for a yummy picture to show you and I found several hundred to feast my poor eyes on.
I need to get me a corned beef brisket this […]

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Strapped for cash?

The economy is forcing everyone to tighten belts. I know we are looking for every place we can to trim the excess spending. When the bills start to accumulate or when the unexpected happens (like medical emergencies or car expenses) you may be in a position of crisis.
Payday Loans may be able to […]

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Day One moving toward out Green Goal

Day one under my belt! I walked to do errands this afternoon! Felt nice that 1) I got fresh air, 2) I got exercise, and 3) I did what I had to do without starting the van!
This won’t be so bad…

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Quality Insurance Leads

I remember when my dh was in the insurance business, by far the hardest part of the whole thing was finding quality leads. Without them, you are floundering and struggling. It sure does make things hard.
I sure wish this software had been around when he was looking for his weekly life insurance leads. […]

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Pic of the day

Does this guy look like you feel? I think he stored a few extra nuts this winter than perhaps he needed. Maybe that’s my problem, too? I just got back from a walk and that activity is definitely helping me feel like I may be able to get rid of a few […]

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Flashback Data

Computer problems? Who doesn’t? I just recently had to reformat my hard drive and it was a nightmare. On the other side of it, I am much happier, however.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, data recovery may be exactly what you are needing. Flashback Data is an industry leader […]

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Good Morning Friday to you

We just got back from story time at the library…it is beautiful outside and we saw our first robin. We also heard geese flying over this morning. Spring is on the way!

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