Let's talk auto insurance

Insurance – it is a necessity. It’s not always pleasant to discuss or contemplate, but you can’t be without it.
How about making it as painless as possible? If you happen to be shopping for California auto insurance, here you go. This site even allows you to compare free quotes online. Also […]

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6 month GREEN goal

I have just set a new goal for our family…beginning April and going through September our family is going to set a HUMAN-power goal of either biking or walking anywhere we need to go locally. NO van unless it is raining, I guess. Or perhaps there may be a few other extenuating circumstances […]

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Need a vacation?

If you are needing family vacation ideas, look no further. This site has everything you might need to help you figure out where you would like to vacation.
So many places to go, it’s hard to decide? Have you been to the San Diego zoo? I have been there once years ago, but […]

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I apologize!

I need to give a huge heartfelt apology to everyone who was bombarded by the distasteful pop-ups that a widget apparently brought to my site.
Thank you very much to the reader who clued me in and helped me realize what needed to be removed.
I feel awful about this and I am so sorry!!! I […]

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