Something fun

Have you heard about the “Impossible Quiz”?
The questions are “far from easy”…some require “insane logic”…others are down to “just guessing”…
You have 3 lives throughout the quiz – get an answer wrong and you lose a life. Get enough right and you will be awarded with a “skip” (lets you skip a question if its […]

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Cozy Warm Silk Comforters

What a wonderful luxury a silk comforter is. I can’t think of anything that compares as far as that goes.
These comforters are Pure white Grade A Mulberry Silk. What does that mean? It means that the fibers are prized for their strength, durability, softness, and shiny white appearance. Nothing compares to […]

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What's a "Boob Bib"?

I heard from a dear friend yesterday who has been sidelined from major activities lately due to health problems. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, this dear lady has been busily sewing her little heart out.
She makes bibs and burb cloths and I don’t even know what all else…but everything she turns out is just […]

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How about earning money like the top bloggers?

Sounds good to me! If you are interested in making money like the Top Make Money Bloggers, then this is for you.
It’s overwhelming trying to stay updated with all of the money making blogs you want and need to stay current with. How about doing it with one easy download? Download one […]

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Busy Day Yesterday

We had lots of exciting things yesterday.
David had a drum recital after school. He played 4 selections – two solos and two duets with his teacher. His mallet solo was really, really nice. I hadn’t seen him play a big mallet set like the school has in a while and he’s really […]

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