Funny Picture of the Day

This one just struck my funnybone. Do cats like those popcorn things? I can’t remember…it’s been a long time since I owned a cat. This one doesn’t look that thrilled to me…

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Who Are The Weavers?

Do you know who the Weavers are? If you haven’t run across the blogsite Secret Patterns yet, here it is. This blog is dedicated to covering unexplained phenomena and conspiracies. He is using his blog to raise awareness of an organization called The Weavers. It’s quite illuminating and definitely an interesting […]

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Pics for you…

Here is the first installment of pictures from our visit last week. Hope you enjoy!

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Environmental Search Engine Project

Here’s something I found interesting. Climate Gift is a new search engine and customizable portal that makes it easy to be socially responsible in helping to protect our environment, which truly is something everyone needs to be aware of.
This customizable portal is tops at providing search results that compare with the major search engines. […]

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The first of many pictures to share…

Here is one of the videos we got from last week…

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Mac Software to Analyze Hard Drive

Does this sound like something you could use? If you need help to find free space on your Macintosh, look no further! Help has arrived!
This software analyzes a Macintosh OS X hard drive and gives back a report about how much free space is available. It also gives you the locations of […]

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