Need Home Insurance

Here is something that just about everyone needs at one time or another. This site has great home insurance quotes. Shopping for insurance is a pain. This company has removed a lot of the pain that I associate with that and made it very easy.
Get a fast, free quote and be able […]

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How about a colon cleanse?

I’ve never tried this and never felt an overwhelming urge or need for it, but if you have, perhaps this will interest you. I’ve heard good things about this colon cleanser.
From what I understand, after you’ve cleansed you feel really good. It is a great way to rid your body of a lot […]

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Abby in the paper

Forgot to mention – I bought our hometown paper yesterday and opened it up to find a picture of Abby staring back at me! There was a photographer at storytime last week and he took a picture of the kids. Abby was featured prominently in the picture. Ruthie is in it also, […]

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Get Your Online Degree

Are you interested in furthering your education. I have to admit, I definitely have an interest in doing this. With my life the way it is, though, with homeschooling the kids and no end in sight there, my options are limited. An online education seems like it would be the perfect way […]

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Pic of the Day

Here’s a bit of a spring-ish picture that I thought was interesting. This is a little more meltage than we have at this point. We still have snowbanks that are taller than several of my children! But it’s coming…

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Good Morning!

Brrrrrrr – it got cold overnight! This is the time of year that winter just will not let go of the strangle-hold it has over us. Right now it is **1** degree. Yuck!
Kids are doing well. Darn…I had several things I wanted to remember to post about various things they’ve said […]

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