Web Hosting Sites Ranked

If you have spent ANY amount of time wading through the HUGE internet area of web hosting you have an inkling of how tremendous and overwhelming it can be to figure out which of the many web hosting sites is the best fit for your needs and budget. Having recently just done this myself […]

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Testing something out…

I just activated a new keyword plug in and I’m needing to see how it works.
I’m definitely learning about these things as I go, so bear with me! I will be a blogging expert in no time!
ETA:? NOPE, not an expert yet by any means.? I’ll keep at it, tho.

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New Blogsite!

Here is an interesting blog to check out.
Everything you need to know about how to Turn Time Into Cash with the Net Fool!
Great information about the stock market, affiliate networking, Get Paid To websites, and even blogging tips! I don’t know about you, but this kind of blogsite is exactly what I’m interested in […]

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Are you really going to eat that??

According to a recent survey, Americans are becoming increasingly nervous about the foods available to them in the grocery store.? Akin to the qualms parents have been facing in the toy stores over the past year.
Food safety is part of a growing awareness and concern for many Americans…and we are not satisfied with the […]

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Armand Rousso on Philately

Here’s an interesting article I just read. Let me tell you about it briefly. It is an Armand Rousso Philately Article.
The subject is stamp collecting. Did you know that stamp collecting is called Philately? I did not, so I learned something right off the bat from this article. Philately originated […]

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Just a quick recap on yesterday’s events at our house.? Chad, Lora, and Ava arrived at about 8:15.? The kids immediately descended upon Ava and she tolerated it unbelievably well.? The last time she was here, she got horribly over-stimulated and ended up a total basketcase by the end of the day.? […]

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Win a Nintento Wii!

How does that sound? Would wouldn’t love to win a brand new Wii?
Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!!
Register with an email address for a chance to win a new Nintendo Wii. The winner will receive a console, Wii stand, 5 amazing sports games (boxing, baseball, tennis, golf, and bowling), […]

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