Potentially Poisoning Plastic Baby Bottles

How heartbreaking to have to worry about harming your child by the food container you use to store their food.
Dozens of health organizations are calling for an immediate moratorium on the use of BPA in food and beverage containers – this includes baby bottles.
When will this end?? When will parents have the pertinent information […]

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Video Classifieds

Have you ever heard of Listosaurus? They are the name to know if you need an online classified ad. They actually pay their members to list their classified ads and they are now adding video classified services.
What could be better than getting paid to list your item instead of paying to list? […]

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The 5 Second Rule

Researchers decided to find out if there was anything to this parenting theory.
How many germs does your toddler’s cookie really pick up once it hits the floor?? Food dropped on a carpeted area immediately picked up 10,000 bacteria per square centimeter.? Left for a full minute, it collected 10 times the germs.? […]

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Door Handles

Here is something useful and interesting and just a little different. Need door handles?
Take a minute or two and look at this site! Unreal how huge their selection is!
Their selection includes designer and fashionable door handles and knockers. If you are building or remodeling, this is a site you need to check […]

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I'm in Ava heaven…

Getting my Ava fix right now!? Taking a quick break to post because little princess is sleeping.? She is precious and beautiful and I love her so much!

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