Protect yourself from identity theft with Lifelock

Are you concerned about identity theft? Who isn’t in this day and age. Here is a service that can help protect you from the devastation of having someone harm you financially. The company is called lifelock and here is what they can do for you.

1. They ask the credit bureaus to set free fraud alerts on your behalf. Yes, they are really able to do this for you.
2. Every 90 days they will repeat this process for you unless you opt out.
3. They request that your name be removed from all pre-approved credit offers and junk mail lists.
4. They will order free credit reports for you
5. They provide you with WalletLock™ – a complete service that deals with all the repercussions of losing your wallet
6. If your identity is stolen while a Lifelock member, they provide whatever services necessary to recover your good name

Lifelock is committed to protecting the consumer at the expense of the Credit Bureau’s profits. This is a very important service and Lifelock has really figured out how to protect the consumers’ interests. Check this out!

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