Neat Rental

This is a nice idea for a get-away. Sea Pines rentals would be a beautiful place to go to take much needed time off.? Located on Hilton Head Island – what could be better than this?? The accommodations look wonderful and this area is certainly lovely.? There looks like like there […]

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Hotel Reservations…

…are always challenging. It’s always a challenge to find good rates when you are travelling. I know we always take along our AAA books and look around quite a bit to find just what we want and need at the price we want. It can be quite a challenge, that’s for […]

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Top Ten Things

That I have found to be “worth the effort”
10.? Cooking and baking from scratch
09.? Sewing my girls’ dresses
08.? Quilting
07.? Gardening
06.? Staying organized
05.? Exercising
04.? Learning PSP
03. ? Writing Letters
02.? Clipping Coupons
01.? Homeschooling

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Solid Investment Advice

Mr. George L. Divel III is the man to find if you have any investment needs. He is a graduate of Towson University and has been providing solid investment advice to customers since 1998.
The profile that is linked above is full of solid information about the kind of trustworthy advice you will find […]

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Two months later…

…Sarah finally got to take a birthday treat to ballet tonight.? Between snow days, sick days, and a few other circumstances it has been that long that we’ve been trying to get a treat to class with her.? The girls sang happy birthday to her and she was horribly embarrassed, but they all […]

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The world is your oyster!

Got an oyster joke for you – be nice, it’s a little corny!
What did the mommy oyster say to the daddy oyster?
“Come here and let me help you. Your pearl is crooked.”
Get it? HA! I told you it was corny, but Hey! I made it up! Hee Hee
How do you […]

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