Five things I want my kids to know before they grow up

1.? Life is not fair
2.? Good triumphs evil
3.? It is more important to be beautiful INside
4.? Helping and having a giving spirit not only makes others feel good, you feel good too
5.? Everything seems worse when you are tired.? Wait and see what things look like in the morning

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Like Gaming?

We have several gamers in our house and they like it a lot. Here is something special for any gamers out there. Flash Games – Free Online Flash Games, Play High Quality Internet Flash Games Now
How cool is that? HURA! offers hundreds of free online flash games that are absolutely free! […]

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Stem Cells

I am so encouraged and excited about the Stem Cell discovery!
We have long been aware of some of the amazing qualities in breast milk. My kids have not been on antibiotics for ear or eye infections since I learned many years ago that simply putting a few drops of expressed breast milk […]

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Any webmasters in China?

I know that is a long shot, isn’t it? You just never know.
If there are, by chance, any webmasters from China, I would encourage you to check out these new China Webmasters Forums. This is a site devoted to web design, web hosting and internet marketing in China.
Even if you aren’t a webmaster […]

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Article I wrote

This is an article I recently wrote that is going to be published on a well-known website:? Putting here FYI:
The latest indicator that there is more to breast milk than providing food for a baby’s physical needs came recently when Dr. Mark Cregan, a molecular biologist with The University of Western Australia, discovered stem […]

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Car Rental needs?

Planning a vacation to Europe? Well here is something that may help you solve a common problem.
If you are planning to travel in Spain any time in the near future, check out this site. It definitely solves all the common problems of how to find a car in a foreign country. […]

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Good Morning!

Snow overnight, but not TOO much and it is fresh and beautiful outside.
I just heard some geese flying over – that is a sure sign that spring isn’t that far off.
Best scoot and figure out what we are eating today.? I’ll be back!

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