Looking for electronics?

Who isn’t? There is just so much stuff out there that is intriguing and interesting.
Why not try shopping for electronics at this site?
We just got a new cordless phone and so this is fresh in my mind. In shopping for one, I was bombarded by a lot of stuff that I would consider […]

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I am annoyed

Took David over to school for his jazz band rehearsal/pizza party and we were not called to be informed that they cancelled it due to weather.
1.? The roads really are not bad
2.? Daniel’s jazz rehearsal was NOT cancelled
3.? We were apparently the only family NOT called
If I hadn’t also had to take […]

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Ever tried Surveys?

I have been involved in internet surveys sites for about the last 9 months. I will tell you from my experience, there are many, many survey sites out there. Internet surveys are very big business. I will also tell you that there are good survey sites and not so good survey sites and downright bad […]

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And the snow has begun…

Snow is now falling steadily, as is the temperature.? Kids are bouncing off the walls and I am grumpy!? I have a headache and this day has turned into a long dreary source of irritation.

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New tool for Bloggers!

Now, this is interesting.
The site is Blogsvine.com
Why should a blogger know about this new site? Simple – they are here to help you, the blogger! This site is brand new…get in on something new and let’s spread the word.
It takes only a minute to join. I did it and it couldn’t have […]

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Yay…weather update

They revised the weather forecast.? Instead of 4-8 inches, now they are saying 2-3 overnight.? That works for me!
Both boys have jazz band tonight, so I’ll be running.? David has a pizza party to go to as well.? He’s been assigned to bring cups.? Easy peasy!? I can handle […]

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Thinking about a vacation?

Around this time of year, the going always gets rough in Wisconsin. We have had a LOT of winter this year, and I must admit it is getting old. Thoughts turn to getting away from the cold and snow.
Here is an option for you… Dubai Property .? Doesn’t that look […]

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Good Morning!

Happy Monday to you!
I think I am managing to beat the cold at this point, if you are wondering. When I woke up my throat was sore, but as about an hour has gone by it is feeling better now.
The day has dawned gray and gloomy. It promises to be the day the […]

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