Any military readers?

I don’t know how many military readers I have. If you are military and you are reading, I would love to hear from you so that I could have a chance to thank you!
Anyway, here is a good place to find Army Uniforms – Military Tactical Gear . Just about anything you […]

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Weather update

Forgot to mention that we are in for another winter storm beginning tomorrow morning.? Rain, sleet, freezing rain, then snow, with a final accumulation of 4-8 inches.
Is it spring yet????????

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Investment Opportunity

Here’s an interesting tidbit. If you are looking for a new investment opportunity, this may be it.
Zion Oil and Gas is the name of the company. This is their press release.
Press Release
Source: Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.
Zion Oil Announces Follow-on Public Offering to Fund Its Exploration Program in Israel
Friday February 1st
Proceeds of $25 […]

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I do believe…

…I may be falling victim to the cold going around these parts.? My throat has that funny “off” feeling and my eyes are burning.? Time to call it a night, I think.? Hopefully sleep will fight this off!

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Diamonds are my favorite bling

I have a special affinity for diamonds. Not only are they just a beautiful, traditional gem, they are my birthstone…so I have always liked them. I still remember the day Leonard and I went shopping for my wedding set. Over 18 years ago! I can hardly believe that! Seems […]

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