This is interesting

Are you an investor? If so, this may be interesting to you. This site is all about investor relations . It is a consulting firm that is full of tips, advice, news, and information for anyone active in the stock market. The site is very user-friendly and you […]

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Need insurance?

Insurance. It is no fun to talk about or pay for, but without it you could be financially devastated. This company can make that just a little less painful. Whether it is term insurance that you need or something else, take a peek at this site and see if they […]

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Spoil your furbaby…

Folks do love their furbabies. We don’t have any…more than enough two legged ones, as far as I’m concerned…but that’s a whole ‘nother story…LOL.
If you have furbabies, they need supplies. Check this site out for all of your pet supplies needs.? Just about anything I could think of wanting or […]

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It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
Actually, it’s 5 o’clock HERE!? Sabbath is coming and I am so glad!

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Need Power Tools? Like Power Tools?

I’m a gadget person through and through. My love of gadgets tends to benefit my husband as well, for he has received several choice tools from me over the years. I love tools FOR him, but he appreciates a good power tool, too. What man doesn’t?
You have to see what is on […]

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Sarah's pet project

Heads up!
Sarah spent most of this morning pouring over recipes. She has in mind a new website she wants to build that will feature recipes from my recipe VAULT.
Stay tuned – as we put this together it is sure to be interesting.

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Executive Job Board

If I were job hunting, I don’t know if I would know where to begin in today’s job market. I would be totally overwhelmed by the options available. is a niche job board specializing in non-profit jobs for mid-level, fundraising, and executives in the nonprofit sector. The site is free for the job […]

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How many three year olds…

…can verbally spell their names for you, write the letters, AND key them with a keyboard???? I just realized that Abby can do all three of these things and I have never actually taught her to do any of these things. YES, this kid is scaring me!

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Space is a premium thing

In our house, space is a definite need. We currently have 5 kids sleeping in a very small space and all because of very creative bunk beds. There just isn’t a better way to utilize every available inch children’s rooms than bunk beds or lofts. They enable you to combine sleeping, storage, […]

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Happy Friday!

Yay!? The sun is shining, it is supposed to be a tad warmer today, there is NO snow on the horizon, and tomorrow is our 18th anniversary!? Leonard keeps telling me to let him know what I want to do for our anniversary.? Hmmmmmmmm – not sure about that yet.
Have a great […]

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