Very Useful Software

Do you have a website that utilizes a shopping cart? Here is something that can handle all of your needs perfectly.
Ashap Commerce is the developer of this new software designed to get you all set up to sell your wares or services online. They call it “revolutionary online store software” and it truly […]

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Forgot to tell y'all

That Abby’s eyebrows are no longer cozy warm. She had her bangs cut a few days ago. I tried to be careful not to expose too much of them as she likes them cozy. Her eyes always snap when she has her bangs cut. Too cute!

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Wanna Smorty?

Interested in blogging for money? Smorty is a service that connects bloggers with advertisers. Advertisers use Smorty to find suitable bloggers willing to write about their services and/or products on blogs.
Getting paid for blogging is easy money. You just can’t fail at it.? If you already have an established blog, get yourself over to […]

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UGH – Sickies

Sickies making their way though the house.? Abby and Ru missed dance last night and Sarah looks like she’ll be missing tonight.? David is now better, but we have Sarah Michael, Ru, Abby, and Isaiah all sick.? YUCK!

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