Colds going through the house…

We’ve had a pretty healthy winter, but we seem to be falling like flies to a cold right now.? David started us out and now Michael, Isaiah, and Abby definitely have it.? Ru and Sarah possibly have it as well.? No dance for us tonight.? THAT is a bummer.

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Evan Bailyn Scholarship Fund

This is very exciting. Young internet entrepeneur Evan Bailyn has established a $100,000 scholarship fund to be awarded to 10 kids who can demonstrate a keen insight into the concepts that make education successful. The premise will be rethinking the way education is currently approached.
The essay portion of the competition will involve the […]

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Little Sisters…

I had to laugh at something that happened yesterday evening at the concert.? Sarah hooked up with a few friends and moved over to sit with them during the show.? Ruthie soon saw that Sarah had left to go sit elsewhere and true-to-form, followed her over.? Ruthie and her dynamic little personality […]

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Raising Pit Bull Awareness

Are you a Pit Bull owner or lover? I have heard that these dogs’ dispositions are largely dependent upon how they are raised, meaning if the owner desires a gentle, loving dog, that is what they will be.
Bully Breed Social Community Lifestyles website is a site whose purpose is raising awareness of and shedding […]

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Concert was GREAT!

Weather cooperated and both boys did awesome.? Daniel nailed both his solos (even the high parts) and David did great for both of his drum parts as well.? Isaiah was such a good boy – he sat on my lap almost the entire time and watched and listened.? All the kids did […]

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